Pastry Chef Jessica Santos started her pursuit of becoming a pastry chef over 10 years ago. After graduating from the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City with a degree in Pastry Arts, she took a job as the Head Cake Decorator at Janella's Bakery in Maywood, NJ.  It was there where she began to hone her skills with specialty cakes.  She also did the majority of the standard cakes for the shop along with cupcake and other pastry favorites.  She managed the staff there and acted as the shop manager in the owner's absence. 

She moved on from Janella's and took the Pastry Assistant position at Sweet Sister's Cakes in Fairfield, NJ for 2 years.  She focused much of her time with wedding, Bar Mitzvah and other high end extensive specialty cakes.  All of the items made were from scratch.  She also did work with gum paste, fondant and chocolate decorations.  Buttercreams, mousses and pastry creams were additional responsibilities for her.  

Mrs. B's. in Little Falls, NJ was her next step.  She worked as the primary Cake Decorator and Baker.  The bakery produced many specialty cakes for their high profile clientele, most of which were produced by Jessica.  

If you have not seen some of her work that she has done here, I strongly encourage you to view our Facebook page     

Pastry Chef Jessica Santos currently resides in Fairfield, New Jersey with her husband.

Jessica’s passion, talent and commitment really show in everything she does.  We are fortunate to have her on the Christie’s Artisan Bread & Pastry Shop team.      

27 Leigh Street    Town of Clinton, NJ 08809    908 735-0402

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